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April 27 2015


April 17 2015


Beauty and the Beast

http://uk.eonline.com/news/646211/finally-beauty-and-the-beast-fans-we-have-your-first-season-3-promo-featuring-an-engagement-ring Beauty and the Beast Fans, Here it is: Your First Season 3 Promo—Featuring an Engagement Ring!

April 16 2015


Beauty and the Beast

http://uk.eonline.com/news/646211/finally-beauty-and-the-beast-fans-we-have-your-first-season-3-promo-featuring-an-engagement-ring Beauty and the Beast Fans, Here it is: Your First Season 3 Promo—Featuring an Engagement Ring!

April 15 2015


Beauty and the Beast

http://uk.eonline.com/news/646211/finally-beauty-and-the-beast-fans-we-have-your-first-season-3-promo-featuring-an-engagement-ring Beauty and the Beast Fans, Here it is: Your First Season 3 Promo—Featuring an Engagement Ring!

April 14 2015


Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Business and Finance Articles

These Halo wedding rings look very stylish and attractive. The attractive popular features of these rings make every occasion very special and memorable. For every women engagement and wedding would be the two most memorable days along with making the harder special these rings are definitely the best. For every women engagement and wedding will be the two most memorable occasions along with making these occasions more special these wedding rings are manufactured. These rings are actually very attractive and bring in people at the same time. According to a study, it is often observed that about 90% women wish to wear these rings since they really look very attractive and classy. For those folks who need a larger try any circumstance, these kind of rings can probably be said among the best options.

There are many facts to consider when requesting a lady's return marriage. One thing it is best to decide is when you're requesting her submit marriage together with her knowledge and then for sight from the whole process. This is vital if you feel she would would rather be part of the choices procedure for her ring or possibly is she more prone to love the thrill for being surprised after you finally decide it's the time. Again, it is something to think about dependant on if you think maybe she already is aware of a proposal is impeding plus the level of input she would like to obtain in selecting the ring that will go for her for the remainder of her life. Many women are anxious about the entire proposal and like being amazed at the option her mate has created to be with her.

People pick the traditional ring using a big round diamond upon it his or her solitaire gemstone. But an wedding ring don't need to necessarily have a very round diamond into it. It can diamonds of various shapes, colors and cuts. You can decide on a princess cut diamond in your wedding ring a sparkling diamond in the square shape. Princess cut diamond rings are extremely known as a solitaire wedding ring. Along with this particular there are various cuts just like the cushion cut, the emerals cut but one really should not be confused from a cut along with a shape. A good cut increases the diamond its brilliance. And a shape will be the outward appearance with the diamond. There are many shapes you can find. You can choose traditional round brilliant diamond. There are oval diamonds which you can buy with an wedding ring. The design of an oval diamond is symmetrical and suits ladies who have small hands or short fingers. Marquise diamonds have become known as solitaire wedding rings. It is an elongated oval shape with pointed ends on top and base and appears very slender and artistic. A pear shaped diamond within a diamond ring looks likes a tear drop which is ideal for women with small or average length fingers. Another shape may be the heart shaped diamond and that is thought to be very romantic being an gemstone. For men a solitaire wedding ring generally is a broad one with just one big diamond upon it. You should be obvious of your respective budget when choosing diamond jewelry ring. Also, you can purchase it from stores that sell certified diamonds. The cut, clarity, color and carat i.e. weight on the diamond must evaluated when selecting a diamond ring gemstone.

Another setting that requires numerous smaller diamonds may be the cluster setting, an incredible design that arranges diamonds into your type of a stylised flower maybe in a far more abstract arrangement. It's all just a few personal preference, because the arrangement of diamonds can likely be operational and airy or maybe more tightly bunched. Such a dazzling setting is the perfect option for a guy that has a budget, because brilliant cluster of diamonds are frequently cheaper over a solitaire diamond ring.

The lower interest in split shanks instead of classic diamond engagement rings is based on the requirement of substantial size diamond, thus decreasing the pool of buyers to your fortunate few who is able to afford it. If your selection of diamond however is marquise, elongated baguette or some other elongated shape, there isn't any better setting versus the split shank. It combines the symbolic properties with the classic solitaire as well as the high decorative impact of your stylish dress ring. Using precious stones is yet another way to get an outstanding split shank design without spending a lot of money.

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December 05 2014


Urinary Tract Infection - Understanding the Treatment and Symptoms of UTI

The end from the Christmas period is among the most popular time for individuals to secure a brand new gym membership, with folks wanting to make an effort to shed the countless unwanted weight that might happen to be piled on over the busy Christmas and new years time in which a lots of over-eating as well as over-drinking could have happened.

In general, you will discover different triggers for your allergies. There are some individuals who are allergic to pollen and dirt even though are allergic to cat dander. No matter what causes the hypersensitive reaction, it is very important manage to identify the triggers on the hypersensitive reaction and get away from them.

You are totally overweight and have absolutely not figured out in ages. If you are just noticing that it must be time for you to take action on your in poor condition body and they are prepared to begin, you certainly require a trainer to obtain started. Sign up for just six to ten sessions to help you read about the exercises plus the machines that happen to be around and ways to make use of them properly. A trainer can also help decide which a part of your whole body you have to develop first and the way slow or fast you must add for a weekly routine.

Many people in gyms often do exercises which can http://www.nasm.org/ be either unproductive and simply a total waste of their time. Instead we have to target compound exercises. These recruit the utmost quantity of muscles fibres and http://www.topconsumerreviews.com/personal-trainers/ won't only use up more calories and often will produce a greater 'afterburn' enabling your system to continue burning calories even after you have ended your regular workout.

You must remember that nutrition and dietetics are essential aspects in shedding weight. Consider yourself lucky if you can to discover a fitness trainer that's a professional nutritionist also. should you have to have additional strategies and information about personal training , make a trip to changingrooms or perhaps even Vinny without delay.He will be competent to advice yourself the right eating plan that conforms for your fitness exercise program. He is more likely to advice your self on taking higher lean proteins, when you mean to build muscles. Again, he or she recommend specific foods comprising a lot of calories to assist unwanted weight loss.

December 02 2014


Fitness Marketing - Research Your Way to Success

The end with the Christmas period is regarded as the popular time for those to carry a fresh gym membership, with normal folks needing to try to shed the numerous unwanted weight that will are actually piled on spanning a busy Christmas and new years time when a large amount of over-eating plus over-drinking should have occurred.

http://jobs.monster.com/v-healthcare-q-personal-trainer-jobs.aspx src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_1ZC2LAn0tI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

If health is the thing, then there's no better profession than to become fitness trainer. After some time, just open your personal business, and you'll no more should be employed by anybody. This means you perform flexible hours, and relish the sort of freedom men and women imagine.

This highlights one important issue about most things that claims you may burn 1000 a single hour, it's tough work! and I mean very hard work. I do not are conscious of anyone who could do interval training first hour straight. I include conditioned fitness professionals with this likewise. I don't observe folks who perhaps aren't as fit can train when it reaches this sort of intensity.

First, they're an origin of information. Their job is usually to learn how to enable you to get results. But you will never know your whole body best? That's right, it's you. Now, you are able to allow them to have certain information and they will be able to make a custom plan, but exactly how many go about doing? My guess is only the best and the majority dedicated. Having said that, promoted does not matter. The internet is really a honey-hole for nice facts about many different topics. You can find fitness knowledge anywhere - perhaps now it is, as you're reading this article blog - and there is really a great abundance of info anywhere in the web.

Many accidents happen during unsupervised exercises, but once you have the hands of the fitness trainer, they will ensure your safety through the workout session. should you would prefer further know-how which involves weight loss , take a look at changingrooms in addition to Vinny Gough as soon as possible.They will ensure that you're training correctly around the exercise equipments in order that you gain maximum benefits and also be focused. This will help prevent serious health or physical injurious. Having a fitness trainer shows that choosing training throughout a specific interval when every one of the machines and equipments will be available. The trainer would help you and follow accurate security measures that may ensure you don't end up being hurt.


5 Secrets to Staying Fit

Have you ever felt just like you were running in circles, but never appear to get anywhere? Perhaps, you are feeling that you're too tired or maybe too busy to care for yourself. Do you strive, but rarely find time for it to play? This appears to be an expanding symptom in today's technologically advanced society.

It's really important to pick an issue that helps keep your interest, so you enjoy. Many Personal Trainers offer a no cost initial consultation, plus they may be a big help. If you participate in a gym, use the local fitness trainers. They will supply you with a large amount of great information. Your Certified Personal Trainer can have a seat to you, review your goals, and help you inside a direction that's secure and efficient. This is very important. Proper form during exercise cuts down on risk of harm.

However, in case you are growing older everyday and also the doctor insists that you just snap from a sedentary routine, a private trainer brings remarkable switch the signal from your lifestyle. Once you are older, one's body cannot handle just as much stress. A personal trainer realizes that and hubby will tailor activities for you personally. Once you start practicing routines created by http://personaltrainers.com/ your trainer you will understand why people stress a lot for the significance of physical fitness.

Pilates can be an routine which gives ample improvement towards the core stabilizer muscles. The exercises can be designed to increase flexibility overall full-body strength along with a lean dynamic frame. In case you would prefer further specifics in relation to body building ; go to Vinny as well as www,changingrooms.ie at once.In short, the entire body becomes superior via these simple exercises. This allows for your safer rise in higher amounts of weight for lifting weights. The individual becomes considerably more powerful overall because their muscles are getting to be stronger and not merely the 'trophy muscle'.

Let's face it, once we mature we usually get fatter. This is disheartening. You get tired easier. You do not have the power you had to complete issues that you want http://www.nasm.org/ to complete. But, in case you remain healthy as you become older you'll probably live your life better and stay doing more items that you want to accomplish.

July 27 2014


Basics Of Coin Collecting

http://merriongold.ie The IND Trading Company Ltd.

May 05 2014


Celebrities to Attend Royal Wedding

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be celebrated tomorrow. About 1,900 guests, including the leaders of United Kingdom such as the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; senior politicians from around the world such as Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah; Britain Princes and Princesses who have close relationship with the groom and their partners; and the world's most famous people such as football star David Beckham, music superstar Elton John and so on will be present at the Westminster Abbey in London to congratulate the royal wedding.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William's grandmother.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William's grandmother

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla

Kate Middleton's Parents, Carole and Michael Prince

Kate Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael Prince

Laura Parker Bowles, the daughter of Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall and the retired British Army officer Andrew Henry Parker Bowles

Laura Parker Bowles, the daughter of Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall and the retired British Army officer Andrew Henry Parker Bowles

David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Prince Edward, the third son and fourth child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones

Prince Edward, the third son and fourth child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones

Britain's Prince Andrew, The Duke of York and his wife Princess Anne

Britain's Prince Andrew, The Duke of York and his wife Princess Anne

Prince Harry, William's younger brother, and his longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry, William's younger brother, and his longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy

Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan and his wife Crown Princess Masako

Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan and his wife Crown Princess Masako

British music superstar Elton John (left)

British music superstar Elton John (left)

Actor Rowan Atkinson, who is well-known for his role as Mr Bean

Actor Rowan Atkinson is well-known for his role as Mr. In the event you require alot more info pertaining to floral wedding centerpieces , drop by visit or perhaps even this website right now.Bean

Football star David Beckham and his celebrity wife and ex-Spice Girls singer Victoria

Football star David Beckham and his celebrity wife and ex-Spice Girls singer Victoria

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel

Kate's younger sister Pippa Middleton, 27, will be her head bridesmaid

Kate's younger sister Pippa Middleton, 27, will be her head bridesmaid

Saudi Arabia's 86-year-old King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia's 86-year-old King Abdullah

Britain Princesses such as Eugenie and Beatrice, Prince William's friends, singer James Blunt, King Abdullah of Jordan and so on are also invited to the royal wedding.




April 29 2014


Social post mydreamwedding

http://www.mydreamwedding.ie/wedding-suppliers/photo-video/wedding-video/lawlor-video-memories Arranging a wedding? This useful resource would help you plenty. From a attire through the venue to the entertainment. Has to have.

April 28 2014


For investors, diamonds might be the new gold

If you are going to propose to your lover it is time to do some research.
You will need to look for the best ring dealer and also you'd have to get one who isn't going to take your arm and a leg.
We'd like recommend a single one of these experts: Voltaire Diamonds From Dublin. Beautiful rings and also the prices are just correct for everybodys pocket. sites
By Jen Wieczner

Demand for diamonds is growing in the U.S. and the emerging world.Demand for diamonds is growing in the U.S. and the emerging world.

FORTUNE -- Gold has lost its luster -- at least as an investment. Since hitting $1,900 an ounce in the summer of 2011, the price of the shiny metal has plunged some 30%. That fall has prompted an exodus from gold-backed ETFs. But now investors are setting their sights on another precious material: diamonds.

Excitement has been building in recent months around the potential of diamonds to become a veritable asset class for the first time. Unlike gold, the gems currently have no spot price or conventional market besides jewelers and pawn shops. The renowned emerging markets investor Mark Mobius recently told MarketWatch that he has visited pawn resellers to get a firsthand view of the market for diamonds, which he believes are on the cusp of a boom, and which may eventually be available to investors via funds.

Indeed, Bain & Company and other institutions have been tracking investors' interest in diamonds and pondering whether the jewel, in investment terms, could become the next gold or platinum. In March 2013, a group of hedge fund traders launched the Los Angeles-based Investment Diamond Exchange, where investors can buy physical diamonds (with no intention of making them into jewelry). And in September, a Chicago company called GemShares announced a partnership with the Nasdaq OMX Group (NDAQ) to develop the GemShares Global Investment Grade Standard Diamond Basket Index, which could be used to create an exchange traded fund backed entirely by real diamonds.

MORE: Emerging markets: Why Wall Street is split

One surprising factor that's driving demand is the relatively new but exploding appetite in China for diamond engagement rings. Prospective grooms splurging on a diamond is, of course, a standard part of the American engagement process. But it was largely a foreign concept to the Chinese until just a few years ago, says Rick de los Reyes, portfolio manager for T. Rowe Price's Global Metals and Mining Strategy. As wealth in China has increased and the country's one-child policy has left the country with a smaller ratio of females to males, however, those women have discovered a new best friend, so to speak. "If you're a woman in China and you want a diamond ring, you can certainly find a man to get you http://www.nextag.com/gold-wedding-dress-shoes/products-html#! one," says de los Reyes. "You're pretty much in the driver's seat."

Diamond demand has increased in the U.S., too, thanks to the strengthening economy. The U.S. imported nearly $23 billion of polished diamonds in 2013, up more than 16% from 2012, according to the Rapaport Group, a market research firm that maintains its own index for diamond prices. According to that index, the average price of diamonds increased almost 14% to $1,855 per carat last year.

Still, some analysts remain skeptical about the feasibility of making investing in diamonds as simple as buying gold or other precious metals. After all, while gold is priced per ounce, diamonds are graded based not only on their size, but on their cut, clarity, and color -- and to a certain extent, the eye of the beholder. According to a recent report by Bain, there are up to 16,000 combinations of those four factors that influence the price of each stone, plus a degree of subjectivity, as value appraisals can differ by as much as 30%.

MORE: Spain's underground economy is booming

Michael Haynes, the CEO of the precious metals exchange APMEX, which sells physical assets like gold and platinum bars, isn't sure his clients would even be interested in diamonds. While Haynes has experience authenticating and grading diamonds -- he even owns some himself -- he says the varying quality of diamonds makes them a different breed of asset than bullion, and attracts investors with a different philosophy. "I'm sure we have bullion buyers who like to buy oil and gas and Boeing stock, but I don't see a large overlap with diamond buyers," he says.

Further complicating the diamond market, says de los Reyes, is that consumers' tastes can be fickle. Chocolate diamonds, for example, are popular right now. But a previous trend of pink diamonds eventually ran its course, forcing the market to adjust when demand dropped off. "How do you price that when a lot of it's just based on fashion?" de los Reyes says.

While he's intrigued by the possibility of diamond ETFs in the future, for now, de los Reyes is sticking with mining stocks, like the British company Petra Diamonds (which trades in London under the ticker PDL), of which T. Rowe is one of the largest shareholders.


April 25 2014


Destination Weddings: A Tropical Variant

When planning a destination wedding, the bride or her designee, tends to think big, circus big. Then the details are teased out leaving the best ingredients for a memorable production. This is as it should be. The most amazing destination wedding I can recall was in Nags Head. The bridesmaids walked up the beach from a large house to where the groom and groomsmen awaited. They all met at the edge of the surf. A large family flanked them. Then the bride appeared with her grandfather on a deck high above the gathering and descended to join everyone. Sheer class. The nearby reception was one for the record books. Big is always expected at such affairs.

But sometimes, if you're cool - really cool - less is more. Recently, I was invited to cover a wedding of a young successful couple; Kirk and Jessica. These two could have had any kind of wedding they wanted. This is the story of the one they created.

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, at the assigned hour, I arrived at Casa Redondo. I had expected a large bustling hotel, the staff making preparations, nervous bride, tuxes and gowns, the whole nine. Boy, was I surprised! Casa Redondo is a large, tasteful, seaside villa about 3 miles South of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. It features an eternity pool; a spacious veranda surrounded by lush landscaping and coconut trees. There is a small sandy beach for swimming, snorkeling or relaxing. Timid lizards scurry about on a nearby jetty. A large second floor deck overlooks all. There was no staff in evidence and no panicky wedding party. The place looked deserted. I walked tentatively around the grounds, crossing the veranda near the pool. "Hey!" From behind sliding screen doors the groom, Kirk was calling. "Look who's here!" I stepped into the house.

Did I say these kids were cool? It's after one o'clock. There's a wedding in less than two hours. The wedding party is lounging in the parlor playing trivial pursuit. Half the guests are still in town. It appears the florist has completely forgotten about the event. Jessica, the bride, is holding hands with Kirk, calm and half listening to the trivia questions Craig, the minister for today, is reading from little cards. Best man and brother Kenneth is dominating the game.

"Wow!" I say leaning toward bride and groom, "If this was back home in Philly, the uncles and the brothers would be on their way to see the florist. Something unfortunate would probably occur. The bride would be in need of a sedative."

"Not me", Jess says. "I've been to those kinds of weddings." Kirk and Jessica had decided at the very outset that this was going to be a romantic, light, airy occasion. If there was to be flowers, fine. If not..."Hey, I'm getting married today!" Jessica says with happy conviction.

A few months earlier, they started considering what kind of wedding they wanted. Jessica thought a destination wedding would be nice. Kirk came up with Belize. It fit their interests, diving, fishing, snorkeling. Kirk and Jess are very athletic and outdoorsy. With a little research they came away with this place and Casa de Lisa next door, more than enough room for the guests. The original guest list was at least a hundred strong. Jessica knew that not everyone would make the trip and that would thin the numbers. Kirk was a bit saddened but realistic that a life-long http://www.sophiasstyle.com/special-occasion/wedding.html friend would not be there.

After an hour, the rest of the family and friends started to roll in. People started getting dressed. Everyone was joking, enjoying cocktails posing for silly pictures and not hurrying. At three, I was talking to the best man, the father of the groom and the minister, still in tee shirts, by the pool.

A thundercloud passed late in the afternoon providing a short drizzle and a rainbow over the water. That seemed to be the cue. The guests made their way across painstakingly groomed sand and gathered on the beach alongside aisles formed by palm leaves and flowers. Kirk, Kenneth and Craig stepped up to an arbor, their backs to the water. The moment had arrived.

The bride steps from the side of the villa and walks to join her betrothed. Craig conducts a well thought-out, unrehearsed ceremony. The bride and groom tearfully sniff their way through vows they'd each written. Craig reads an inspirational quote from William Fielding , rings are exchanged. And in the fading blue and pink sunlight Jessica and Kirk are declared man and wife.

Rock solid, undiluted cool.

Upon returning to the villa, even before climbing to the upper deck, our attention was captured by the smokey, savory scent of the Jamaican feast awaiting us. That was the work of Fitz Brown and his crew from the Jambel's in San Pedro. He had been commissioned to cater this affair 18 hours prior. Jess and Kirk were in his restaurant the night before and simply asked him to take the job.

Featured in his buffet presentation:

Veggie and Fruit salads

Conch Fritters made with tartar, jerk sauce, mayo and lime.

Barbecued Jerk Ribs with a BBQ, jerk blend with just a touch of chili pepper.

Jamaican Mi Crazy Shrimp with sweet and sour, spicy jerk sauce

Fisherman soup (lobster and shrimp) with coconut and okra

Fitz didn't reveal all the ingredients. He's no fool and the food was fantastic. The ribs and shrimp must be tasted to be believed. Language fails. Incredible! The food is always just as good at Jambel's Jerk Pit on the beach in San Pedro. Fitz is hard-working and urbane without being the least bit stuffy. His staff is, as I would find in other accommodations throughout Ambergris, delightful.

If you are planning a destination wedding, you can hardly put a foot wrong choosing Belize. Flights are always reasonable. And there are a range of options available to suit your plans. Many resorts have wedding planners either in house or within easy reach. Of course if you are as cool as Kirk and Jessica, and sweet and simple is your goal, you can do it yourself. That includes the minister. Craig was registered as a celebrant just http://wedding.theknot.com/bridal-fashion/wedding-accessory-jewelry/articles/under-thewedding-dress-lingerie-essentials.aspx?page=6 for this ceremony. But you can always call ahead to a local church or local justice. The planner will always be able to help with that as well.

As for Casa Redondo, you can find this unit through M&M Rentals of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. They're on the web at http://www.mandmrentalsbelize.com/villa.html. Casa Redondo sleeps 16 people and is comfortable and well appointed. I didn't take pictures indoors as the villa was heavily occupied. But the photos on their site are accurate.

Resorts in Belize are still fairly easy to come by, but for an event like this, always give yourself plenty of lead-time and call ahead for vacancies.

Leonardo Melendez was chosen to photograph this wedding. 36 Tangerine Street Orange Walk Town, Belize www.leonardomelendez.com (501) 627 3320

If you're looking for good Jamaican BBQ, you'll find Fitz at Jambels, where the water taxis tie up in san Pedro. Jambels now has a location in Corozal as well.

Ambergris Caye, Belize -

If you are looking for more news dealing with wedding rings on hands , stop at find this or even Visit Your URL at once.
Ambergris Caye

[get directions]

One of the two most popular islands off the coast of Belize. It features sandy beaches, resorts for just about every budget and hospitable people.

"lat":18.173014,"lng":-87.927414,"zoom":9,"mapType":"ROADMAP","markers":["id":"51541","lat":18.001593,"lng":-87.943283,"name":"Ambergris Caye, Belize","address":"Ambergris Caye","description":"One of the two most popular islands off the coast of Belize. It features sandy beaches, resorts for just about every budget and hospitable people."]


April 21 2014


2 Tampa Bay women get their wedding dresses back 9 years after they were switched

ST. should you want alot more critical information regarding wedding planning worksheets stop at mydreamwedding as well as my dream wedding immediately.PETERSBURG, Fla. - ?Two Tampa Bay area women are back in possession of their own wedding dresses nine years after a mix-up got them switched.

The Tampa Bay Times (http://bit.ly/1ffIBIa ) reports Wednesday that Marie Keeney was planning a ceremony to http://fabfashionfix.com/style-watch-turquoise-jewelry-trend/ renew her vows with her husband of nine years but when she took the wedding dress out of the storage box, she realized that it wasn't hers. She was devastated and cancelled the ceremony, but began investigating.

She contacted the dry http://www.fabsugar.com/latest/Jewelry cleaners who did the preservation and was told the task had been outsourced to a New York company, which eventually found her dress in storage.

The invoice showed that the other dress belonged to a Katherine Stephenson. The Times tracked down Stephenson, who had long accepted that her dress had been lost.


Information from: Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg, Fla.), http://www.tampabay.com.


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